Mike goes the extra mile

Mike goes the extra mile to sell your home: based on a true story…

I do get a little corny but this is true : by yours truly, Mike Schuler…

Nationwide, industry averages indicate 90% of all homes are sold by Realtors, and, of those sales, 87% involve 2 or more agents with a split commission (it’s commonly known that many Realtors list a home and make very little effort to sell it while waiting for another agent to bring the buyer).

The first couple of weekends with a new listing, I have the unique concept of “48 hour open house” – I place up to 10 of these signs in strategic places of the neighborhood for the entire weekend – people who call from in front of the house know that an agent can meet them within 20 minutes for their own private showing:

The advantage to me is the possibility of a higher commission, but most importantly, it gives me control of the home buyer to obtain not only highest possible price, but also to always know exact circumstances of the personal and financial condition of said buyer. I can’t overstate how important that is for the transaction to be consummated (in other words, no need to rely on another agent’s opinion of motivation and qualification).

What I do additionally to sell a home:

BROKERS OPEN – nearby agents invited to a luncheon (typically a Wednesday from 12 to 2 PM) to preview the home while they have a bite to eat.

MLS – I have a branded virtual tour with every listing with best possible descriptions.

CALLMIKE.COM- over 1200 hits per month throughout the year with over 20+ Google reviews and new home listings are prominently featured at the top of the front page.

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