Interest rates are historically low, but expected to rise substantially in 2017

Interest rates are historically low, but expected to rise substantially in 2017 if not sooner, and home prices are selling at the highest prices in a decade, but are expected to level off in 2017 so… I think it’s pretty obvious that renters should become buyers as soon as possible – it’s actually cheaper to buy rather than rent, but what you really should want is for the following concepts to work for you too!!! Read more

Here’s what every homeowner really needs to think about: …. should you decide to take action on the amount of equity in your home – equity is your cash in hand when you sell your home and that’s what my offer to you is – a free FMV, fair market value, which means an estimate of your home-equity and…My offer comes with absolutely no obligation

I’m giving you the concrete information I call “financial food for thought” to help you make a decision in the two following areas:

Two big choices – if you need more room, either house or yard or both – if you want a bigger better home, better neighborhood, school district, parks etc. with a bonus of maybe no flood insurance required, or HOA fees, or… do you stay & improve – use the equity in your own home to add on some rooms or add a pool or whatever…. that’s if you have personal reasons to want to stay where you are

you can consider refinancing – one choice is to simply reduce payments or… Do you change to a 15 year mortgage? In any event, you should consider paying off bad debt (credit cards and/or car payments etc.)

Over 30 years experience in real estate and trained in both tax preparation and investment strategies makes me uniquely qualified to advise you in these concepts – my financial planning career has led me to help hundreds of families make the most important decisions about their single biggest asset – their home equity- & you don’t want to take these decisions lightly –

Using tax-free advantages and a concept called leverage, which may increase your future equity five times faster than it is today – I’ve had clients go from $100,000 in equity expected to over one half million dollars using these techniques – This is your net worth we’re talking about – your potential retirement plan and more…

no, not something you want to take lightly…

This is your call to action – act today to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities available with favorable tax law & current low interest rates – simply log on to the button to the right of me here titled SELLERS or call me at 238 Mike which is 305-238-6453….


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